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Goody Products, Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a global company held by ACON Investments LLC. Goody sells hair brushes, combs and other hair accessories. It won the American Beauty Association’s gold ABBIE award. Goody is considered unique among hair products because of its innovative accessory types. One of the collections Goody offers is the Ouchless collection, as it contains no metal connectors to snag hair. Other collections include the ColourCollection, Fashion Fix, Girls, Simple Styles, and StayPut.

A customer writes " Ten years ago, I was able to buy 3 1/2" side hair combs at my local Walmart, made by Goody. After many years of use, the teeth finally began to break as well as the combs themselves. When I was unable to find the combs in ANY of the stores within a 25 mile radius, I finally found & ordered them in mass quantity on-line; only to find the quality of the product to be sub-par and flimsy in comparison to the old ones I had. I've already broken one pair. The photo's show how heavy the old combs were to the new. VERY DISAPPOINTED!"


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